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Here you can exchange knowledge about Yu-Gi-Oh and find dueling partners simultaneously. Any questions are gladly answered.
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Who are the testers?
James SkullBlood
Alex Thunderspear
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Last Weekly Update
Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:14 pm by Wolf_Shadowrider
The League of Elites

The academy now has an Elite/War Team for the purpose of dueling other academies in wars and tournaments, and for putting our own members to the test. You can check it out in the Duel Room section.

Bi-Weekly Tournaments

We will now be having tournaments every other Sunday. Once every two weeks on Sunday there will be an 8 person tournament, lasting from 1-2 days. There will be DP prizes for 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Open Positions

There are now open positions for all Testers who want to be a Dorm Teacher. Know that only Testers can be Dorm Teachers, and depending on how high ranking the dorm is, will determine how well you must do your job. 

A new position is open for a GFX Artist. Anyone who has any experience in this field should check out the Positions post in the General topics section.


A new Duel Stories section has been implemented in the Duel Room, if your an RP dueler, be sure to check it out.

New rules for Chatbox and Posting have been made for the academy. You can view them in the Rules section.

Members can now request duels directly in the Home Page Chatbox while a Tester is present. The Tester will then have to make a post for the member, that says the member has requested a test. If there is no Tester in the Chatbox at that time, you can still make a Test Request and wait for a Tester to respond to it.

Donations are now in affect. If anyone is generous enough to donate at least 1$ to the site in an effort to get rid of these ads, you will be placed in the Donate Group, and will be given a daily DP bonus of 20 DP per day. Getting rid of these ads is the main priority, but there are other things we can do to upgrade the site at later times. 

Due to us recently reaching 100 members on the site, all members of the site have been granted 100 DP to celebrate. If you want to use DP, you can visit the Duel Points (DP) Section. We have also added a name change purchase that costs 100 DP.

Those are all of the current updates. As always, thank you for your patience.

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What format should the ADA tournament be
1. Current Format
 54% [ 14 ]
2. April 2014 HAT format
 15% [ 4 ]
3- Goat
 0% [ 0 ]
4, pre link era-
 12% [ 3 ]
5. ADA Banlist-
 8% [ 2 ]
6. Attribute Tournament-
 12% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 26
Discord Server
Also before you finish the donating, click on "Add a note" and put your name you have on here (The website) So I will know who to put in Donator Group. Members of the Donator Group will receive 20 DP everyday they are in it. Donating is optional.
Updates to the Forum
The updates are now implemented and we have successfully finished our final weekly update for the site. From now on only Bi-Weekly updates will be done to the site, meaning only once every 2 weeks.

As usual you can view the update post here: Click here for post

Thank you for your patience.

~James SkullBlood Founder of Allied Duel Academy
~Wolf_Shadowrider Co-Founder of Allied Duel Academy
Challenge Of The Week
Challenge 4:
Win a Match Duel using a deck that has 50+ cards in the main deck, with only 5 or less cards in the Extra Deck.

50 DP (Will be rewarded at the end of the week)

When you are done with the challenge, reply to this post: Click here for post Be sure to include the duel replay link as well.



Changing on:
Card of the week

The card of the week is:
Solemn Wishes
Card Type: Continuous Trap Card

Effect: Increase your Life Points by 500 points each time you draw a card (or cards).

You will get 500 Life Points for each time you draw a card. Works well with decks that has loads of draw power.

If you draw something like 2 cards you will only gain 500 Life Points and NOT 1000 Life Points.

That is all for this Card of the Week.

March 18, 2018

Will Stay Until:
March 24, 2018

New Card of the week will be added on:
March 25, 2018
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