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You draw 2 cards after discarding, and draw 2 cards for each of your draw phases!

You have to discard 5 cards and this card can easily be destroyed/negated.

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 Test Deck Idea

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Duelingbook Name : Bubba5681
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PostSubject: Test Deck Idea   Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:29 am

I was trying to think up an idea for a machine deck and then came across Genex ally bird man and thought to myself why not make a Genex deck. So using a Genex build I found online as a skeleton, I made a Genex deck that test people ability to make smaller combos and pay close attention attributes in order to make certain synchros and use their proper abilities in certain cases. For example, Genex ally  triarm has different effects depending on the types used to synchro summon the card they have different effects.
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Test Deck Idea
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