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 shadowdoom test results!

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Duelingbook Name : PLivingston
Posts : 48
DP : 254
Join date : 2018-03-01

PostSubject: shadowdoom test results!   Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:35 pm

Test Duel 1 (Pre-made Deck mirror test)
Pre-Made Deck picked by player

Pre-Made Deck: Gravekeeper's
Rematch Needed: None

Tester DuelingBook Name: PLivingston
Player DuelingBook Name: shadowmoon
Duel Replay Link:

Sportsmanship: 20 points
You were incredibly respectful during the duel and did not once get angry about something that happened.

Combo Proficiency: 30 points
You understood how to use the Gravekeeper monsters but struggled with using the extra deck. Twice during our duel you had a chance to win due to the boosts of 2 "Necrovalley" along with "Gagaga Cowboy" to deal 800 damage for game.

Comeback Ability: 50 points
Kept pace with me for the beginning of the duel then managed to gain advantage and won the duel because of it! Well done!

Adaptability to Overcome Obstacles: 50 points
You were able to confidently deal with the cards I had. You also did well to play around a "Cosmic Cyclone" when I had no cards in my hand for "Royal Tribute." Nicely done!

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: 10 points
You caught most of the errors I made during the duel with the exception of 2. The first was me adding both "Gravekeeper's Stele" and "Gravekeeper's Commandant" with another "Gravekeeper's Stele." The second error not caught was the double boost of 2 "Necrovalley" which boosts all Gravekeeper's Monsters on the field by 500 Atk. Well done being attentative and knowledgable!

Caught Their Own Misplays?: 20 points
The testee made no misplays during this duel. Great job!

Pre-Made Deck Test Total: 180 points

Test Duel 2 (Personal Deck)

Rematch Needed: None

Tester DuelingBook Name: PLivingston
Tester Deck Name: WindwitchKaiju

Player Deck Name: Unobtained
What did the player call this deck? (Innapropriate words will be deleted and replaced)

Player Deck Link: Unobtained
The export/import link of the player's deck used in this duel.

Duel Replay Link:

Sportsmanship: 20 Points
Continued to be respectable during the entirety of the duel. A strapping fellow!

General Skill in Using Their Deck: 35 points
You missed 2 plays the rest was very well done and done properly. The first play missed was the effect of "Ryko, Twilightsworn Fighter" not being able to activate his effect because of his own activating. The 2nd which you did not get points deducted for due to my late catch was using "Lumina, Twilightsworn Shaman" as a synchro material for "Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn."

Ability to Overcome Deck’s Weaknesses: 20 points
You had a strong start and were able to keep pace very well. That being said you were unable to win back the advantage after I stole it. You played very well to assist your deck in being as consistent as you could.

Good use of Universal Cards: 20 points
No universal cards were seen from the testee's deck.

Deck Consistency: 20 points
You opened very good and were able to make plays off of the cards you had but became unable to effectively produce more cards once you ran out.

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: 10
You spotted the misplays that you could, however there were some missed. The first was the use of 2 tuner monsters and 1 non-tuner monster for the synchro summon of "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon."

Caught Their Own Misplays?: 10
You caught my mistakes very well, however you did make some mistakes of your own. The first was the miscalculation of "Eater of Millions" stats. His effect only counts cards that are banished face-down so because 2 of the 7 cards counted were face-up he would not receive the boost. The second was taking the effect damage of "Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn" instead of gaining it.

Personal Deck Test Total: 135 points

Overall Test Total: 315 points

Holactie White: 390-400
Obelisk Blue: 340-389
Ra Yellow: 210-339
Slifer Red: -100-209

I enjoyed the idea of your deck and the way you were using it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your results.

Thank you for testing and enjoy your stay at ADA!
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shadowdoom test results!
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