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Who are the testers?
James SkullBlood
Alex Thunderspear
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Last update for a month
Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:14 pm by James SkullBlood
Not much happened that was planned to do in this update, seeing how the academy been very slow and almost dead, we have decided to take a break for a month and after a month we will try again.

We've tried our best to keep activity up but since Wolf_Shadowrider couldn't get on to recruit due to his internet, we couldn't keep activity up. I couldn't really recruit as I've gotten a lot busy with school work and stuff. I tried my best to keep activity alive with the event "Referring/Inviting" but no one ever tried to recruit.

Thanks for being here while we was active. We will try again in a month time frame.

The forums will still remain up for anyone who wants to try to help out.

Until next month, this has been JamesSkullBlood and Wolf_Shadowrider signing out. See everyone in a month.

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 Xen Test Results

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PostSubject: Xen Test Results   Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:48 pm

Test Duel 1:
Pre Made Deck:

Tester DuelingBook Name:
Player DuelingBook Name:

Duel Replay Link:

1 rematch was needed for this mirror match.

Sportsmanship: 20/20 pts

Combo Proficiency: 37/40 pts
(I must protest. This number is not necessarily accurate according to what was seen in this duel. Very difficult to assess as the deck simply lacked the ability to combo consistently anyway, and when attempted solemn's and hand traps would stop it usually. Therefore, I took into account what he noted of both our "combos.")

Comeback Ability: 49/50 pts
(Again, very difficult to say as no side actually really made a comeback, but kept things at a stalemate.)

Adaptability to Overcome Obstacles: 49/50 pts
(Again very difficult to say with a deck that dos not allow many options once down/bricked in some respects, and the counters that WERE made were simplistic and obvious [hand traps and solemns] as each player was restricted to some 2 moves usually)

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: 17/20 pts
(There was, in the first duel, a misplay that was not caught until told which was the effect of Gravekeeper's Descendant. It cannot tribute a Gravekeeper on the other side of the duel, however this is an incredibly vague ruling and easy to miss as the term "tribute," according to ruling, implies a monster that you control, unless otherwise said. {-0.75 pt}
Next, when Seraphinite was destroyed by battle the Continuous spell of Brilliant Fusion was forgotten to be sent to grave as well along with it. But again this one is vague and easily missed due to chatting-at-the-moment-as-well reasons. {-1.5 pts}
Next, in thinking that it was a misplay, testee Zen/Xen declared Recruiter's timing to be incorrect, this was a confusion of rulings and was explained in duel at this point. {-0.75 pts})

Caught Their Own Misplays?: 19.25/20 pts
(There was only one instance in which the testee Zen/Xen had to be corrected due to a misplay made by them, and it was the same as one made by me, the tester, on purpose. {-0.75 pts})

Pre-Made Deck Total: 191.25/200 pts

Test Duel 2 (Personal Deck)

Tester DuelingBook Name:
Tester Deck Name:
Ancient Gear - True Draco

Player Deck Name:
Inzektor Metalfoes
Player Deck Link:

Duel Replay Link:

1 rematch was technically needed and was due to both tester and testee having been disconnected. But the duel in the replay consists only of 1 single duel.

Sportsmanship: 20/20 pts

General Skill in Using Their Deck: 40/40 pts
(Very well played, it was obvious and noteworthy that this deck was one their personal favorites)

Ability to Overcome Deck’s Weaknesses: 40/40 pts
(I'm sorry what weakness? None was shown as this was a single duel. If anything my deck's weakness was thoroughly exploited XD)

Good use of Universal Cards: 20/20 pts
(Well let's see... I wouldn't say Universal, but generic support, and there is a PLETHORA of them. If I could, I'd give this man bonus points.)

Deck Consistency: 39.75/40 pts
(Though I cannot make the example of inconsistency in the deck of the testee, I'm certain it is possible, but then again, pretty much any deck can brick SOMEHOW.)

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: 20/20 pts
(Couldn't misplay in this scenario as my plays were NEGATED and INTERRUPTED... ;-;
My fault I suppose, though that 1st turn board was unbreakable with the hand I had.)

Caught Their Own Misplays?: 20/20 pts
(There was only 1 "misplay," but it was caught by the testee, and was during the time in which he was flexing on me for an obvious OTK :'P)

Personal Deck Test Total: 199.75/200 pts

Overall Test Total: 391/400 pts

Holactie White: 390-400 pts

Congragulations mate.
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Xen Test Results
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