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Here you can exchange knowledge about Yu-Gi-Oh and find dueling partners simultaneously. Any questions are gladly answered.
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Who are the testers?
James SkullBlood
Alex Thunderspear
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Last update for a month
shadowdoom's retest results(Unfinished) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2018 2:14 pm by James SkullBlood
Not much happened that was planned to do in this update, seeing how the academy been very slow and almost dead, we have decided to take a break for a month and after a month we will try again.

We've tried our best to keep activity up but since Wolf_Shadowrider couldn't get on to recruit due to his internet, we couldn't keep activity up. I couldn't really recruit as I've gotten a lot busy with school work and stuff. I tried my best to keep activity alive with the event "Referring/Inviting" but no one ever tried to recruit.

Thanks for being here while we was active. We will try again in a month time frame.

The forums will still remain up for anyone who wants to try to help out.

Until next month, this has been JamesSkullBlood and Wolf_Shadowrider signing out. See everyone in a month.

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 shadowdoom's retest results(Unfinished)

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Duelingbook Name : PLivingston
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shadowdoom's retest results(Unfinished) Empty
PostSubject: shadowdoom's retest results(Unfinished)   shadowdoom's retest results(Unfinished) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2018 10:18 pm

Test Duel 1 (Pre-made Deck mirror test)
Pre-Made Deck picked by player

Pre-Made Deck: Gravekeeper
Which deck did the player choose for this test?

Rematch Needed: None

Tester DuelingBook Name: PLivingston
Player DuelingBook Name: shadowdoom
Duel Replay Link:

Sportsmanship: 20 points
You never got angry or upset. A real pleasure to duel against!

Combo Proficiency: 30 points
You understood when to and when not to use your effects. Well done. Aside from that you need to work on reading the cards fully before proceeding.

Comeback Ability: 35 points
The game was very back and forth. You did well in gaining control back but couldn't keep it for very long. You played very well with the cards given to you.

Adaptability to Overcome Obstacles: 40 points
Some of the obstacles I placed in your way had you stumped. Once you were able to get over them you were unable to gain back the lead. You were able to overcome but used too many resources to do so.

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: 10 points
The only misplay's you had missed were the addition of "Gravekeeper's Spy" from "Gravekeeper's Recruiter" which is not allowed due to "Gravekeeper's Recruiter" specifying a monster with 1500 or less DEF points. The second was the use of "Gravekeeper's Commandant" as a cost for "Allure of Darkness" which is not allowed because "Gravekeeper's Commandant" is an EARTH monster.

Caught Their Own Misplays?: 15 points
Unfortunately the misplay you made was the use of "Gem-Knight Lazuli" from your hand to fusion summon with "Brilliant Fusion."
Aside from that you did very well in catching your misplays.

Pre-Made Deck Test Total: 150 points

Test Duel 2 (Personal Deck)

Rematch Needed: This duel was not completed
Were any rematches needed to get a more accurate grade? If so, how many? (All rematches must be within the same SINGLE duel, you CANNOT re-host for the same test duel, or host a MATCH duel.)

Tester DuelingBook Name:
Tester Deck Name:
What did the tester call this deck? (Innapropriate words will be deleted and replaced)

Player Deck Name:
What did the player call this deck? (Innapropriate words will be deleted and replaced)

Player Deck Link:
The export/import link of the player's deck used in this duel.

Duel Replay Link:

Sportsmanship: -20 to 20 Points
How did the player react when there was a disagreement? Did they get angry or upset easily?

General Skill in Using Their Deck: 0-40 points
How well did they use their deck? Did they make smart plays despite win or loss?

Ability to Overcome Deck’s Weaknesses: 0-40 points
Did the player's deck have any disadvantages against the tester's deck? How did they deal with it?

Good use of Universal Cards: 0-20 points
Did they use any cards that could be put in any deck? (Solemn Strike, Raigeki, etc) If so, did they use them wisely? (Automatic 20 points if no universal cards were used)

Deck Consistency: 0-40 points
How often did the player get the card(s) that they needed to do well in the duel?

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: -15 to 20 points
Did the player catch any of the tester's "on purpose" misplays? (Mathmatical errors will not be counted as a misplay)

Caught Their Own Misplays?: -15 to 20 points (Automatic 20 points if no mistakes were made.)
Did the player make a misplay, but caught it before the tester did? (Tester must wait for next play before counting a misplay missed)

Personal Deck Test Total: -50 to 200

Overall Test Total: -100 to 400

Holactie White: 390-400
Obelisk Blue: 340-389
Ra Yellow: 210-339
Slifer Red: -100-209
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shadowdoom's retest results(Unfinished)
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