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 WMKNova Test Results (Unfinished)

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Duelingbook Name : Wolf_Shadowrider
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PostSubject: WMKNova Test Results (Unfinished)   Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:55 pm

Test Duel 1 (Pre-made Deck mirror test)
Pre-Made Deck picked by tester.

Pre-Made Deck: Water Deck
Tester DuelingBook Name: Wolf_Shadowrider
Player DuelingBook Name: WMKNova
Duel Replay:

Sportsmanship: 20 to 20 points
Combo Proficiency: 15 to 40 points
Comeback Ability: 0 to 50 points
Adaptability to Overcome Obstacles: 0 to 50 points
Caught Tester’s Mistakes?: 10 to 20 points
Caught Their Own Mistakes?: 10 to 20 points (Automatic 20 points if no mistakes were made.)

Pre-Made Deck Test Total: 55 to 200 points

Test Duel 2 (Personal Deck)

Tester Deck:
Player Deck:
Player Deck Profile:
Tester DuelingBook Name:
Player DuelingBook Name:
Duel Replay:

General Skill in Using Their Deck: 0-40 points
Ability to Overcome Deck’s Weaknesses: 0-40 points
Good use of Generic Cards: 0-20 points
Deck Consistency: 0-40 points
Sportsmanship: -20 to 20 points
Caught Tester’s Mistakes?: -10 to 20 points
Caught Their Own Mistakes?: -20 to 20 points (Automatic 20 points if no mistakes were made.)

Personal Deck Test Total: -50 to 200

Overall Test Total: -100 to 400

Co-Founder of the Allied Dueling Academy
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WMKNova Test Results (Unfinished)
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