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James SkullBlood
Alex Thunderspear
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 KiroZ retest results

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Duelingbook Name : PLivingston
Posts : 51
DP : 254
Join date : 2018-03-01

PostSubject: KiroZ retest results   Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:10 pm

Test Duel 1 (Pre-made Deck mirror test)
Pre-Made Deck picked by player

Pre-Made Deck: Madolche

Rematch Needed: None

Tester DuelingBook Name: PLivingston
Player DuelingBook Name: KiroZ
Duel Replay Link:

Sportsmanship: 20 points
You were very stern while we played and this allowed you to be an effective player. You were able to maintain this while also being accepting and understanding. Keep it up!

Combo Proficiency: 40 points
You were able to pull off some fantastic combos using this deck! You have clearly been practicing and thinking about the best moves to make. Well done!

Comeback Ability: 35 points
The duel was very topsy-turvey when it came to gaining advantage. In the end you were not able to gain control in time for a win. You played to your strengths and did very well!

Adaptability to Overcome Obstacles: 40 points
You understood how to deal with the obstacles ahead of you but were unable to overcome powerful boards when you had ran out of resources. Unfortunately you were unable to use the deck in a way that produced and maintained the cards you needed.

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: 20 points
You caught every mistake I made in this duel. Well done!

Caught Their Own Misplays?: 15 points
The only misplay that you made was attacking with "Madolche Maiden Sistart" after using your "Madolche Chateau" which allowed me to keep my "Madolche Maiden Sistart" because of my Madolche monsters in the grave.

Pre-Made Deck Test Total: 170

Test Duel 2 (Personal Deck)

Rematch Needed: 1

Tester DuelingBook Name: PLivingston
Tester Deck Name: WindwitchKaiju

Player Deck Name: Dark Magician

Player Deck Link: Unobtained

Duel Replay Link:

Sportsmanship: 18 Points
The only issue was towards the end of the duel. You seemed to just want to get the test over with instead of learn and enjoy the game. Aside from this you were very pleasant!

General Skill in Using Their Deck: 40 points
You knew exactly how your cards worked and which cards to use at the right time. It's clear that you enjoy this deck and have become very skilled at using it. Well done!

Ability to Overcome Deck’s Weaknesses: 40 points
The deck had very little disadvantage against WindwitchKaiju's. You played to your strengths and made your weaknesses that much harder to spot. You have clearly practiced with this deck and show proficiency in using it!

Good use of Universal Cards: 20 points
The only Universal Card seen was "Solemn Warning" and not only did you use the card properly you also executed it at the right time!

Deck Consistency: 25 points
You seemed to only have 1 viable play towards the end of the duel. Your deck was able to get going after 2 turns when you were able to draw the card you needed. I can make recommendations if you wish to hear them about how to make the deck more consistent. Aside from this the deck was well made and performed well once the pieces had been gathered.

Caught Tester’s Misplays?: 20 points
Not a single misplay was missed. Good eyes kid!

Caught Their Own Misplays?: 10 points
You were able to play profoundly however you did manage to make mistakes. The 2 mistakes made were when you attacked my "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" at 2800 ATK with "Dark Magician" who was at 2500 ATK. The second mistake was not destroying "Apprentice Illusion Magician" after the use of "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit."

Personal Deck Test Total: 173

Overall Test Total: 343

Holactie White: 390-400
Obelisk Blue: 340-389
Ra Yellow: 210-339
Slifer Red: -100-209
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KiroZ retest results
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